The first blog is the hardest to write they say as it’s the one that makes people decide whether to read both this one as well as future postings. So what can you expect from Logic Consulting’s blog?

Short and concise: Everyone’s “To Do” list is overflowing, so the blogs will be bite size portions that can easily be digested.

Thought provoking: Not just a re-hash of other people’s ideas, but something that will make you think when you stop reading.

Useful: Hopefully this thinking will then cause action, whether it’s to look at your own company, your customers or a particular area of the market you operate in. Ideally this action then benefits you or your company in some way.

To give you an idea on how this will work, the first ‘serious’ blog is posted here tomorrow. As you will see, it fits all three criteria.

Comments and suggestions, as always, are welcome.

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